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Edith Philipsen (Head Teacher Smithy Street Primary School) Nov 2012

I was delighted to find and choose Theories Playscapes Ltd to work with in order to develop a whole playground solution for our school. Theories stood out easily from their competitors in terms of creative play design experience and project management expertise, offering a comprehensive bespoke design and build package that saw the project through from the very first meeting to last bolt tightening, all the while consulting and liaising effectively.

Theories helped us comprehensively and imaginatively re-think the whole of the outdoor play spaces, dealing with both the physical environment as well as management issues we were experiencing, such as some challenging lunch time behaviour. We have found playtime behaviour greatly improved since so many new activities and play features were introduced and the tarmac expanse broken up into smaller and more attractive and intimate play areas with different inherent characteristics and purposes. The children in Smithy Street primary have repeatedly commented on their delight with their new play environment.

We continue to work with Theories to tweak and develop new play solutions as they are required.

  • 1 Playground and Playscape design in London

    We are passionate about improving the quality of all children's play.
  • 2 Creative Solutions

    Each project is fresh and unique to your particular circumstances and ambitions.
  • 2 More Play, More places to play, Better Play

    We seek to develop play opportunities everywhere.
  • 2 Play for Play sake

    The freedom to un-adulterated and unfettered play is every child's delight.
  • 2 Play integrates social, physical and emotional needs

    For healthier, happier and better be-haved children.
  • 2 Natural Play and play naturally

    Reconnecting with our environment through play.
Website News
 The Overprotected Kid - 22/04/2014

 A trio of boys tramps along the length of a wooden fence, back and forth, shouting like carnival barkers. “The Land!

 School ditches rules and loses bullies - 20/02/2014

School ditches rules and loses bullies


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 Ball Play London

You either love it or hate it, but in playgrounds the compromise is how much space ball play dominates the play space, and what is left for everyone else to do. The design of ball play areas, as far as Theories is concerned, is a means of subtly restricting the spread of play whilst not making the result become a cage. But the fence around the...
 Chestnuts Primary School

This play solution is part of a three phased programme to revitalised a tired and boring junior play area. Phase 1 comprised an integrated performance deck with seating under a colourful shelter structure. Satellite decks provide additional play purposes and deck screens sub-divide and add play value to the deck. The shelter doubles up as a...
 Birchwood Nursery - Playground design

A nursery play space designed and built to generate creative freeplay in a sandscape. Wooden decking, buckets and pulleys create exciting levels and much playability within a sheltered and educational setting. Hatfield, Herts £16k
 Collaborative Art Works

Embedded within the Theories design ethos the inclusion of children’s play ideas, spatial awareness, and artistic contribution has always been paramount. Where children have taken an active part in the conception of a playspace there tends to be a greater sense of ownership and, subsequentially, care of that environment; and where they have been...

Theories Landscapes are Playground Designers Offering Professional Playground Design and Equipment Services across London

Theories Landscapes are playground designers that build playgrounds and playscapes for the imagination in and around the city of London. Our playgrounds, playscapes and playground equipment form a partnership of inspiration between us and you and your children. Greener, softer, multifunctioning playful spaces: a touchstone for creativity.


We design playgrounds in London with more play potential. See your children work with playground designers and builders, artists and sculptors conservationists and horticulturalists to create the playground you want.


All at once or project by project as funding allows, our playground designers bring better play into your children's lives. Watch their creativity put out new shoots as participation and playgounds also empower and develop self-confidence in young children.


Our playground design incorporates places for sitting, chatting, studying, gardening, jumping, climbing, caring, laughing, playing loudly or quietly. Sunny places, shady places, safe places. They are all part of the activity called ‘play’.

For playground design in London contact Theories Landscapes today on 0207 254 7282

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