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School Playground Equipment in Bishop’s Stortford |Beneficial Natural Playgrounds

There’s no doubt that well-designed playgrounds hold huge levels of excitement and entertainment. The very best school playground equipment also plays a key role in helping children to develop. This comes in many forms, from social skills earned through interaction to confronting danger on climbing frames. As playground design specialists, Theories Landscapes integrates such features while optimising appearance, safety and functionality.


Our team designs and constructs natural playgrounds in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas using premium-quality timber. Playground equipment of this kind not only has greater sustainability, it can also blend seamlessly into a variety of environments when compared with traditional alternatives.


Below, we have outlined how our natural playgrounds, and all-round natural play, help in a child’s development.


Natural Playgrounds and Child Development


Visually Appealing


Studies have shown that children have a stronger preference for school playground equipment and climbing frames made from natural materials. In a specific 1988 study by Herrington and Studmann, natural playground designs were found to improve children’s socialisation, cognitive awareness and fantasy play skills.


As an added benefit, natural playgrounds also provide a less jarring fit when placed in more scenic areas in and around Bishop’s Stortford




Unnatural, fixed school playground equipment limits development. Children find an infinite number of ways for creative play, so rigid, unmoving and uninspired playground designs do little to compete with this. As a result, children soon become bored, and when that happens, accidents are more likely to occur.


Versatility, then, remains vital to ongoing engagement.


Physical Fitness


While more traditional playground equipment and climbing frames can aid in improving a child’s physical fitness, natural playgrounds provide a more rounded, and enjoyable, solution. Our team includes uneven landscapes, climbing walls, barriers to jump over, log structures to scale or even construction work to do, providing numerous ways for children in Bishop’s Stortford to improve their fitness.


What’s more, children were found to play on natural school playground equipment longer than more traditional options, further enhancing their fitness.


Confronting Risk


Safety remains at the heart of every playground design Theories Landscapes produces. However, school playground equipment and modern climbing frames must also teach children to confront certain risks. Taking these steps in a safe environment is highly beneficial. Our natural playgrounds introduce elements of danger through climbing, jumping and balancing.


With soft landscaping surfaces and softer equipment generally, children in our Bishop’s Stortford playgrounds can confront risk with the appropriate safety measures.

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