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Think of school playground equipment and you might conjure up climbing frames, slides, swings and the like. While these are key parts of many of the best natural playgrounds in and around Braintree, they’re just the tip of the iceberg! There have been some fantastic innovations in playground design and the equipment has followed suit. One such innovation has been the development of sensory play installations.


These combine things like water and sand, within specially designed school playground equipment, to give children a tactile and creative outlet which nurtures the senses as climbing frames nurture young muscles. On this page, we’ve explored how sensory play benefits Braintree children. Looking to speak with a member of the Theories Landscape team regarding your playground design project? Pick up the phone and call 07904 901 770. We’d love to discuss with you how our bespoke natural playgrounds can revolutionise children’s playtime.

The Philosophy & Benefits of Sensory Play

Imagine a New Landscape – While we take great efforts to make our natural playgrounds as attractive and comfortable environments as possible, by seamlessly integrating school playground equipment like climbing frames within wider landscaping schemes, using a playground day-in and day-out is bound to get a little stale after a while. This is where sensory play comes into our playground design philosophy.


Children can feel the sand between their fingers and under their toes, feel cool running water and transport themselves far from Braintree, to a beach where dolphins play and pirates roam. A child’s imagination is a powerful thing, as any teacher will know from overhearing what climbing frames and similar school playground equipment has been re-imagined as. Sensory play feeds into this sense of imagination.


Cognitive Development - But sensory play also helps children develop their cognitive/intellectual functions in a very interesting way. To use the example of sand and water, through play they better figure out the interactions between solids and liquids, and how water changes the characteristics of sand. Their understanding of cause and effect relationships can move along leaps and bounds, via a fun and engaging activity.


Some children may get building sandcastles, dams or similar constructions. You never know if a future Braintree born engineer or great artist is cutting their teeth with this kind of school playground equipment.


Collaboration & Socialising - There's also a collaborative and social aspect which sensory play can bring to a wider playground design scheme. Many of our natural playgrounds feature stages or seating where children can talk and read stories, or act out their own impromptu scenes. But we find that while climbing frames in Braintree playgrounds tend to be all business, and about exerting energy rather than chin wagging, sensory play tables really bring different pupils and groups together. It's amazing to see friendships form over something as seemingly simple as building a sandcastle!


That's just to speak of sensory play. In the natural playgrounds we design and install around Braintree, we look to strike a balance so children of all interests and abilities have school playground equipment which lets them have fun, and develop key skills. So call us today to discuss your ideas and learn how we can fulfil all of your playground design goals.

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