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So you’re investing in new school playground equipment… congratulations! We hope it will bring all those who use it endless joy. As the Cambridge area’s leading playground design specialist, and having designed and installed countless natural playgrounds throughout the UK and even overseas, we’re often asked about maintenance of playground equipment like climbing frames. In this article, we’ve looked to provide advice around this subject.


If you’d rather speak with a member of the Theories Landscapes team directly, perhaps to discuss ideas for a Cambridge playground design project, then feel free to jump right to the chase. Pick up the phone and call 07904 901 770.

Maintaining School Playground Equipment

Planning – Before settling on school playground equipment, consider how it will fit within the wider playground design scheme. Think about the age group using it and the material it’s made from. For example, smaller climbing frames used by older children are a lot more likely to be damaged than if they’re used by their intended end user. Likewise, some materials we use in our natural playgrounds are more durable than others. We love tough hard woods for playgrounds which will see a lot of heavy activity.


Inspection - There are two approaches to inspecting school playground equipment. Staff, teachers and even the children themselves will often spot certain types of damage when they come into their daily contact with things like climbing frames etc. Then there’s the more thorough inspection which we recommend Cambridge clients make every month or so. Take a good look at all the key bits of equipment within natural playgrounds, from climbing frames to furniture and everything in between. If you suspect damage or want a professional opinion, call our playground design company.


Timely Repairs – …building on the prior point, if you do notice damage – don’t delay in putting it right. Whether it’s a simple DIY fix, or you need our team to come in to fix more significant structural damage, get it done right away. Minor damage in school playground equipment, especially the type that we use in natural playgrounds, can quickly worsen. For example, a chipped finish on timber climbing frames could allow moisture or parasites in which will rot the inside of the equipment.


Doing it Right – While some schools and authorities around Cambridge will have a caretaker or similar staff member with a wealth of DIY experience who can likely fix minor issues, if there’s any doubt concerning the repair work, call us. A botched repair job could severely impact the lifespan of your school playground equipment. Our professionals have been in the playground design industry for many, many years and know exactly how to handle both routine maintenance and repair work.


School Holidays Are a Blessing – Not just because the hardworking teachers of Cambridge get some time to rest and recuperate (or mark homework and plan lessons), but because our natural playgrounds aren’t seeing use. This is a great opportunity to get in for a thorough inspection and carry out any basic maintenance procedures. If you want us to handle these tasks, then don’t hesitate to call us – having handled the playground design and installation, we’ll know exactly what needs doing, if anything! What’s more, we pride ourselves on the aftercare we deliver our customers.


If you’re still not sure whether investing in our bespoke natural playgrounds is the right choice for your Cambridge school or park, then please let us know. We have a long list of references and many examples of past playground projects we’ve delivered. We’ll be happy to show them to you and talk you through all the different options you have available when it comes to school playground equipment, from traditional mainstays like climbing frames, to more modern creative play installations.

For expert playground design or bespoke playground equipment installed on your Cambridge site, call Theories Landscapes today on 07904 901 770.

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