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When it comes to iconic and seemingly omnipresent school playground equipment, the slide is right up there with swings and climbing frames. Many of the natural playgrounds we’ve designed and built around Chelmsford include wonderful slides that bring smiles to faces each and every day. So in this article, we’ve looked at one of the most popular styles incorporated within modern playground design – hill and mound slides – and what we consider when incorporating one within a playground.


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Hill Slides – Fun & Attractive School Playground Equipment

Shading – This doesn’t just go for hill slides, but all school playground equipment you’ll find around Chelmsford, including climbing frames. Keep in mind that in prolonged periods of sunlight, equipment can get very hot and become completely unusable. This presents a challenge for our playground design team, and will inform suggestions on where to place equipment. Ensuring key centrepieces in natural playgrounds are under some kind of cover, for example a large tree, will also keep them usable during periods of rain.


The Slope – Slides are one early way that children learn about gravity. After all, you go down the best slides seamlessly due to a slope that lets gravity do its thing. Incorporating a slope that isn’t too daunting and an accident waiting to happen is essential. As is not “under-doing” it. The child simply won’t get down! We can use existing landscapes or build them up within our natural playgrounds, ensuring there’s the perfect balance between fun and safety.


Degradation – Keep in mind that natural hills can often erode of time, due to heavy footfall and weather conditions. This means that to create a long-lasting hill slide which requires minimal maintenance, our playground design team will have to incorporate a solid sub base that will support the above ground/material. It really depends on the hill itself, though. We’ve encountered sites around Chelmsford where it really isn’t an issue due to the soil makeup being very resilient to erosion.


Material – At Theories Landscapes we make a big point of building natural playgrounds, avoiding synthetic materials where possible. But when it comes to hill slides, often the materials we most commonly employ aren’t usable for the main component itself. So it becomes important that if we do use synthetic materials, they’re ecologically friendly, long lasting and sourced from a manufacturer we trust. The same goes for any other piece of school playground equipment we incorporate within our playground design schemes, including climbing frames.


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