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School Playground Equipment in East London

Over the years, Theories Landscapes has designed many natural playgrounds enjoyed throughout the East London area. During the playground design process, we listen to our clients, stakeholders and end users – the children themselves – to ensure we design and build school playground equipment that will prove exceptionally popular.

While there are countless different types of playground equipment that you can integrate within your playscape, from climbing frames to see-saws, there are certain types that are always in demand. On this page, we’ve looked to run through a few of them, and explain the reasons for their popularity.


Timber Adventure Trails – One type of school playground equipment increasingly being incorporated within East London playground design, is the adventure trail. These are great because they’re highly versatile, and can be made to fit within any size of playground, and their size can be adjusted depending on the age range of the users. They also encourage children to develop their balance and get good exercise, so they’re not just a bunch of fun, but actively helpful! Just like with great climbing frames, there’s a real sense of achievement when you get from one side to the other. For all the reasons, it’s not difficult to see why our East London clients are so keen on timber adventure trails.


Climbing Frames – A timeless piece of school playground equipment which has evolved over the years to be more imaginative, safe and eco-friendly, climbing frames can take any shape you can possible imagine. Children around East London love to use their imaginations to turn climbing frames from mere playground equipment, into a pirate ship or castle – whatever they can conjure up! Like adventure trails, they’re versatile and can be made in many different sizes to fit a particular playground design. Within our natural playgrounds, climbing frames are made out of sustainably sourced timber.


Play Towers – Popular in primary schools throughout East London and the wider UK, play towers are a wonderful piece of school playground equipment which can be stand alone, with climbing handles on to scale up and down, or connected to other towers via monkey rungs. They’re a great means of exercise to use, but never sacrifice the “fun factor”. They can be complemented with all sorts of extra features, like tree house-style dens and slides (whatever the children and your stakeholders are looking for out of our playground design service).


But these are just a few of the different pieces of school playground equipment that can be incorporated within our natural playgrounds. If you’re not interested in climbing frames, adventure trail or play towers, that’s no problem. We tailor our playground design service to each and every individual client in East London and the wider UK.

To discuss your playground design ideas and how we can help you build a creative, exciting space within an East London school, call us today on  0207 254 7282.