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Natural Playground in Hoddesdon | Safety-Compliant Services

In order to provide the maximum protection for children, school playground equipment must meet numerous safety requirements. As a reputable natural playground design and installation company serving Hoddesdon, Theories Landscapes ensures full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations. We want to design and build the most engaging and exciting climbing frames, adventure trails and all-round playgrounds; but we also want to make them as safe as possible too.


We have been operating as a playground equipment design company since 1983, so we have a comprehensive knowledge of the safety regulations pertaining to our industry. As a premier natural playground specialist, we stay up to date with any changes in policy too.


To demonstrate the compliant nature of our natural playgrounds and school playground equipment in Hoddesdon and the neighbouring areas, we have taken a closer look below at some of the safety legislation that shapes our service.


Natural Playgrounds | Safety Requirements


Post Installation Inspection Report


An independent post-installation inspection of a natural playground, and individual school playground equipment (e.g. climbing frames), ensures it has been installed correctly and meets modern standards. This risk assessment validation comes in the form of a full written report, with photographs, which covers the quality of the playground equipment installation and its finish.


The site inspection checks numerous aspects of our natural playground design in Hoddesdon and our other service locations, including:


  • Minimum Space Requirements
  • Traffic Flows
  • Orientation
  • General Design Safety
  • Work Standards
  • General Finish


BS EN 1176 and 1177


BS EN 1176 (Playground Equipment standard) ensures the creation of safer spaces. There is no legal requirement for natural playground standards. However, this standard represents good practice in the event of an accident claim.


Merely complying with BS EN 1176 doesn’t automatically result in a safe playground. The requirements set out in this standard are supposed to be used intelligently. Our playground design experts use this information in conjunction with decades of experience to produce safety-conscious climbing frames and other school playground equipment.


BS EN 1177 (Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing Determination of Critical Fall Height) specifies the most appropriate playground surfacing in line with the maximum possible fall height. We install these surfaces in natural playgrounds throughout Hoddesdon and across the UK to lower the risk of injury to children should an accident occur.


As a playground design company, we optimise fun and engagement without any compromise on safety. For an insight into the quality of our climbing frames and other school playground equipment, please visit the Testimonials page.

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