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Playground Design in Luton | Who Holds Responsibility for Ongoing Inspections?

In our role as a time-served playground design company, we recognise the excitement that comes with brand-new, bespoke school playground equipment. And rightly so. As a tailored service, the process can often take some time to complete, but the rewards are always worth the wait. However, as your climbing frames, adventure trails, play towers or other playground equipment receives use, it must eventually undergo inspection. But who does the responsibility to do this lie with?


Below, we have explored the topic of natural playground inspections to ensure your space in Luton remains safe and fully operational.


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Playground Equipment Inspections


When placed on the premises of a Luton school, the Head Teacher holds responsibility for ensuring the safety of their outside play environments and natural playground equipment. Usually performed by the premises manager, daily visual and quarterly written checks play a vital role in staying ahead of any issues. This helps to catch small concerns related to climbing frames and other school playground equipment before they develop into bigger problems.


Like any reputable playground design company, Theories Landscapes also strongly advises the commissioning of an annual inspection report


Our team loves the opportunity to re-visit projects throughout Luton and the neighbouring areas. This gives us a unique opportunity to see what part of our designs have been the most successful, and what problems might have arisen.


We also relish the chance to learn and refine our natural playground design and building techniques. While we may have a proven track record stretching back to our establishment in 1983, we always look for ways to improve the climbing frames and other playground equipment we construct.


Furthermore, annual inspection reports provide considerable defence in the event of an accident in your playground. If you do not have a report available, your position becomes significantly weakened. What’s more, a regime of regular inspection also helps to reduce maintenance costs.


Annual reports analyse every play feature and the entire playground environment. They also include a risk assessment as well as detailed, costed recommendations for maintenance. Our personnel also endeavour to perform any minor repairs to climbing frames and other school playground equipment as and when we perform the inspection.


Outside of annual inspections, you can commission Theories Landscapes to perform all remedial work, maintenance and ongoing repairs for your Luton-based natural playground.

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