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Innovative, Exciting Playground Design in North London

At Theories Landscapes, we have a strong set of playground design principles that govern how we go about creating fantastic natural playgrounds for North London schools. On this page, we’ve jotted a few of them down, to provide insight into the way we accomplish our goals. They cover everything from the initial consultation process, to the selection of school playground equipment (like climbing frames and adventure trails). Should you have a question regarding what we do, we urge you to visit our FAQ page or call 0207 254 7282. A friendly member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Playground Design Principles

Keep it Creative – When we’re tasked with designing and building natural playgrounds for a North London client, we take great efforts to ensure we understand any potential limitations. It may be a spatial restriction or perhaps budget constraints that govern the types of school playground equipment we can bring in (e.g a certain size or type of climbing frames). But we always urge our clients to keep an open mind.


Playground design is a creative process, and the more creative our team is allowed to be, the more likely we’ll be able to deliver you a beautiful, bespoke play space that will be enjoyed for many, many years to come.  We’re not a company that delivers “one size fits all” North London natural playgrounds that have nothing really special going on for them. It’s our aim to bring you and the children’s ideas to life, and create something with a real sense of spirit to it.


Consult the Children – Building on this prior point, we think it’s essential that playground design professionals, like our own near North London, consult and work alongside the children who are to use the space. They often have fantastic ideas that are worth exploring. Not only does this help us choose the right school playground equipment and create natural playgrounds that prove highly popular, but it helps foster creative confidence within the children themselves.


It could be that the children are mad about climbing frames, suggesting one should be incorporated within the playground design, or it may be that the number one piece of playground equipment on the list is something entirely different. Why spend a budget on something that doesn’t come close to fulfilling its potential? You wouldn’t purchase a property for someone without finding out what they’re looking for, so why take a different approach when it comes to our natural playgrounds?


…and the Stakeholders – But we are by no means saying we’ll solely fulfil the children’s wishes, at the expense of the stakeholders involved in your playground design project. Most natural playgrounds we’re tasked with building around North London have many different parties involved, from teachers and other school staff, to investors, regulators and parents. We think it’s important that everyone gets their say, and brings their own ideas to the table.


We’ll work closely alongside you at every stage of the job, ensuring that any hurdles are overcome without delay, and any stakeholder concerns allayed. If it turns out that climbing frames are going to be an issue, or another piece of school playground equipment turns out to be unworkable, we’ll make adjustments to ensure the project isn’t put in danger.

For all your playground design needs, call Theories Landscapes on 0207 254 7282. We’re the North London area’s top choice for fun, creative natural playgrounds!