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Playground Design in Northampton | How Outdoor Play & Mental Health Benefits

While the physical benefits of outdoor play may be obvious, it also helps to improve children’s mental health too. By associating physical activities with fun and excitement at a young age, we lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle, and the accompanying psychological benefits, moving forward. As a playground design and construction company serving Northampton, our natural playgrounds provide the perfect environment for outdoor play and all the advantages it brings.


From public park to school playground equipment, Theories Landscapes creates bespoke spaces with a focus on fun, engagement and safety. Be it climbing frames, adventure trails or play towers, we work to any unique dimensions and requirements.


Below, we have taken a closer look at the link between playing outside in a natural playground and improved mental health. To discuss options for your own installation with a playground design specialist, please call 0207 254 7282.


Physical Exercise and Concentration


Children are still experiencing physical, cognitive and social development, so it remains essential to give them the building blocks to acquire healthy habits and, by extension, improved mental health.


Our school playground equipment in Northampton, including climbing frames, helps to shake off afternoon tiredness. Even a short session in a natural playground gets the blood pumping, helping to beat fatigue. The mental break also allows children to complete the remainder of the school day with optimal concentration.


In fact, psychologists have found that regular spells of exercise markedly improve children’s attention spans. Ultimately, this boosts happiness and performance when back in the classroom. Children already have relatively low attention spans, so changing scenery to climbing frames and other natural playground equipment mixes things up perfectly.


Our playground design team actively creates play areas that offer a clean break from classroom environments, allowing children to refresh and recharge.


Never Underestimate Sunshine


One of the most crucial elements to outside play is letting children get a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. Whether in Northampton or anywhere else in the UK, many people across the country suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin promotes healthy bones, making it vital to health and an overall sense of wellbeing.


What’s more, healthy exposure to the sun also reduces anxiety in children and boosts their general mood. Sunshine increases serotonin levels which, in turn, relieves stress and promotes feelings of happiness.


Produced naturally by the body, serotonin is believed to maintain and regulate healthy energy and mood levels.

As such, you can see how important time spent outside on school playground equipment, climbing frames and in natural playgrounds of any kind can help to improve a child’s mental health.


If you are searching options for a playground design specialist in the Northampton area, Theories Landscapes can help. Please visit our Testimonials page to see how highly previous clients rate our service and results.

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