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Climbing Frames in Oxford | What Makes the Perfect Frame?

Climbing frames remain one of the most popular options for school playground equipment. Not only are they a consistent source of fun and excitement, they also represent a highly versatile option. This staple of our natural playgrounds improves strength, motor skills, balance and coordination. With so many upsides, it’s easy to see why climbing frames have long been a staple of our playground designs in Oxford and the surrounding areas.


While there’s no doubt this playground equipment makes a fantastic addition to any environment, successful installations must also meet certain standards. Below, we have listed some of the key aspects our playground design specialists work around when integrating climbing frames into natural playground plans.


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Creating Ideal Climbing Frames




Naturally, climbing frames involve playing at height, so safety remains imperative. While it’s impossible to stop children from falling, we take every available measure to keep the risk as low as possible.


This starts with ensuring everything within our natural playgrounds fully conforms with the relevant British Standards. These include BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177. By complying with these standards, the playground design team at Theories Landscapes ensures the equipment and surfacing of our natural playgrounds in Oxford and beyond follow best practice recommendations.




Great climbing frames deliver a wide range of benefits for children of multiple ages. As children complete tasks around the frame, and as their coordination and balance improves, they need to remain interested in order to continue using it. Differing features include dome climbing, ladders, play towers and bars or tyres to swing on.


From the very outset, we ask you what you want to achieve with your climbing frame, ensuring we design one fit for purpose. By taking into account the children who will use this school playground equipment, as well as the dimensions of the natural playground as a whole, we can find the perfect solution.




Having invested in your climbing frame, you want it to provide fun and excitement for many years to come. Not only do we consider the heavy usage climbing frames receive from constant use, but also the fact that most installations take place outside. Of course, this means constant exposure to the elements.


As a result, we provide our clients in Oxford and across the UK with premium quality, treated materials designed to last well into the future. With unrivalled experience in natural playground design stretching back to 1983, we also utilise time-served construction techniques for a solid, sturdy structure.




While climbing frames in Oxford playgrounds should always offer robust safety and durability, this doesn’t have to come at the expense of an appealing aesthetic. Our playground design team includes artists, sculptors and other creatives, all of whom ensure our school playground equipment not only performs to optimal standards, but looks great too.


We integrate bright colours and attractive patterns to capture the attention of children, ensuring they return again and again. As a bespoke service, we can also design climbing frames with a colour scheme that matches that already in place at your premises.

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