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Leading Choice for Natural Playground Design in South London

Theories Landscapes builds wholly natural playgrounds, and as such relies heavily on building/introducing timber school playground equipment into South London playground design projects. There are many reasons why we believe timber to be superior to synthetic materials like plastics and alloys. On this page, we’ve jotted down just a few reasons why we love using timber for everything from climbing frames to adventure trails.

Top Benefits of Timber for School Playground Design

Natural – At the top of the pile of benefits is the fact that timber is wholly natural. This makes it so much more at home within a playground than plastics and metals, which can look harsh and ugly. Timber school playground equipment looks more attractive, and when set within other natural surroundings and materials like wood chip trails and sand/stone laid areas, you can create a playground design that is easy on the eye while still being a ton of fun to use!


We’ve consulted with countless children throughout the South London area, and found when they’re presented with the choice between, let’s say, timber climbing frames and metal climbing frames, timber wins nine times out of ten! Natural playgrounds really encourage children to use their imagination and sense of creativity, making for a much more rewarding play experience.


Long Lasting – All our timber school playground equipment is treated to safeguard it against fungal decay, insect infestation and rot. This makes our South London natural playgrounds long-lasting and durable. Any equipment, like climbing frames or individual set pieces within an adventure trail, that suffers a deep cut will be filled and retreated.

While timber can splinter and suffer shallow cracks due to expanding and contracting, absorbing moisture etc, this doesn’t make it fragile or a short-term solution for playground design. These effects are perfectly natural and part of the weathering process!


Environmentally Friendly – All the timber we use to build natural playgrounds around South London and the wider UK is sustainably sourced. While plastic and metal school playground equipment requires a lot of energy to create, and subsequently has a comparatively high carbon footprint, timber requires little to none!


What’s more, plastic and metal school playground equipment that is got rid of in years to come will be difficult or impossible to recycle, and it’s not biodegradable. So if you’re looking to invest in an environmentally friendly playground design, timber is the best choice for your playground equipment e.g climbing frames!


Versatile – Timber can be used in all sorts of different ways, and we employ it to create distinctly bespoke school playground equipment inspired by the ideas of children, teachers, parents and other stakeholders. It can be cut down to any shape or size, and used to create one of a kind pieces you won’t find in any other natural playgrounds in South London or anywhere else in the UK! Contact us today to discuss your own ideas.


Safe – We also find that timber school playground equipment is a safe alternative to metal and plastic playground equipment. Our playground design and build projects meet all relevant UK health and safety standards, ensuring that the end user (the children themselves) won’t be out in danger due to a poorly designed, synthetic playground.

For stunning natural playgrounds, filled with innovative and bespoke timber school playground equipment, call South London specialists Theories Landscapes on 0207 254 7282.