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We Design Stunning Natural Playgrounds in West London

Theories Landscapes designs and builds beautiful natural playgrounds in and around the West London area, seamlessly incorporating school playground equipment, like climbing frames, within a shaped environment. There are many reasons why we eschew overly synthetic/manmade layouts to focus on natural playground design. The main one is that we believe that natural playgrounds better benefit children’s development. On this page, we’ve looked to explain exactly why….

4 Ways Natural Playgrounds Can Help Children’s Development

1. Creative Play – Traditional playground design can really limit how a child plays. Fixed school playground equipment placed on a simple, straight-forward route can prove unexciting – especially when said equipment takes the form of old-school climbing frames and see-saws. The natural playgrounds we’ve designed and built around West London are versatile and really allow children to use their imaginations, coming up with endless ways to play and enjoy their school playground equipment. They’re a vital space where children are encouraged to think outside the box, and really get creative.


2. Playground Aesthetic – Children have been found to prefer the way natural playgrounds look. This comes as no surprise, they love the outdoors and running around in open spaces. Playground design which is too rigid and uses school playground equipment to evoke the look of indoor spaces is unlikely to prove very popular. Underused West London playgrounds can have a negative impact on children’s development, as they’re less keen to get out, stretch their legs, have fun and get some all-important fresh air.


3. Fitness – Many traditional playgrounds in West London are successful in using climbing frames and all sorts of similar school playground equipment to give children a space to keep fit and healthy, but some fall short of this mark due to an outdated approach to planning. Either their playground design isn’t physically challenging enough for the age-group they’re targeting, or the playground just isn’t interesting enough to hold would-be users’ attention. Our natural playgrounds can be designed to foster physical development and fitness, integrating inventive and fun school playground equipment like climbing walls, adventure trails and log structures.


4. Social Skills – Modern playground design puts a focus on creating areas not just to run, jump, skip and climb, but to socialise. It’s one thing allowing for physical exertion and active play, for example through introducing climbing frames, but establishing areas for children to chat in, play board games or make-believe, helps them make friends and learn about what it means to co-operate and socially integrate. This also helps cater to a wider range of children. Some West London school goers would rather sit down and draw pictures with their friends than spend their entire recess period running around.

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